Ancient Wisdom II

Ancient Wisdom II
Weaving the Elements
Plastered - Dyed - Stitched
By the Sea

with Kim Beller and Leslie Marsh

In the Topsail Beach, North Carolina, Studio of Leslie Marsh

March 8 -10, 2019

Friday 1-4 pm
Saturday 9-4 
Sunday 9-4

$375 all inclusive

Combining elements from Earth and Sea, and building on techniques that have been used for thousands of years, Leslie and Kim share with you the steps for making a work of art from plaster using hand dyed pages, coptic binding, weaving, and embellishing with fossils, petals, and gifts from the sea. 

Honing in on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, we will share techniques for coloring papers and threads using plant-based dyes, building covers from plaster,  then stitching and weaving the binding to create a beautiful and unique book.

In this workshop we will cover:

• Plaster and plaster gauze as a medium for book covers.  
-making windows, 
-using inks and paints, 
-imprinting and carving designs in plaster, 
-adding photo transfers.

• Plant-based dyes.  
Spend the weekend with these dyes at your disposal to use as your heart desires! You can dye pages, thread, or bits of fabric and lace to embellish your pages or covers. 
We will provide a variety of dyes to experiment with, including indigo, logwood, avocado, marigold and more.  

• Coptic Binding
      - learn the history and technique of this ancient art

  Pamphlet and Weaving stitches

Kim and Leslie will share their collections of fossils, shells, wings, petals, dried flowers and sea plants to use in windows or for embellishing plaster.  

Location: Topsail Beach, North Carolina (exact location to come after registration)

Cost: $375 all inclusive

Hotel and area information after registration

Email us at:

Payment Options:

Pay in Full - $375

Deposit - $187.50

Final Payment (due February 1, 2019) - $187.50

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