September 26, 2019

A Thread Runs Through It

I am thrilled to be a part of this fiber art show that opens at WHQR's MC Erny Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina, tomorrow night. The wide range of modern fiber work included in this show are a testament to traditions of historic stitching brought to current appreciation and acknowledgement. 


I come from a long line of women who draw with needle and thread. I learned traditional handwork from my grandmother as a child and have been building on those conventional roots ever since.

"Dorothy's Dilemma"

The stitched pieces I have hanging at WHQR are a form of visual storytelling - whimsy with a nod back toward my forebears.

"A Fungus Amongus"

The other work I hung in the show was inspired by forest flora and fungi. 

"Pulp Fungi"

I created sculptures that are both realistic and dreamy by manipulating hanji paper using the Korean tradition of joomchi -- agitating the paper for hours in a process similar to felting until the fibers bond together -- and then forming them into mushroom caps and leaves.

"From a Tiny Acorn"

My oak and acorn pieces were built on actual branches and acorn caps. The acorns were either felted or knitted. 


If you aren't able to make the opening tomorrow night, there will be a closing reception October 25 from 6 - 9 pm, and the show will remain up until November 8.

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