November 01, 2020

Wear Your Story - an online course


Everyone has a story. This one begins with a creme brûlée torch and a roll of solder. 

Join me for this technique-packed wearable book workshop. Using materials easily sourced at your local hardware and craft store, you will forge small relic-like book covers. You’ll learn various techniques for adding content to your book. Then, using a centuries-old technique, you’ll bind it all together into a tiny tome to hold your unique story. You won’t stop there though. Using your favorite beads and found objects, I will guide you through several methods of turning your book into a head-turning piece of jewelry you’ll be proud to wear.

The techniques you learn in this workshop will arm you to make books of all sizes. They include:

  • How to pool solder onto base metal and attach metal findings
  • How to add patina to metal
  • How to prepare a photo and add it to your book cover
  • Coptic bookbinding
  • The process of preparing paper to be bound into a book
  • Various jewelry techniques including wire wrapping and how to make hook fasteners from wire
You will have access to this course forever.

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